Australia: Overland Track Day 4 – New Pelion to Kia Ora

When I awoke, first thing I noticed was the humidity. The hut was surrounded in a mist, and with the prospect of a climb up through rainforest, I wasn’t looking forward to this first section. This was a tough one for me today.

Day 4: Mist around Pelion Hut
Mist around Pelion Hut

I stopped countless times, exhausted, soaking with sweat. The forest was dark, and I couldn’t even muster a photo until I finally reached the cool breeze that awaited me at Pelion Gap.

This is the junction for the path to the summit of Mount Ossa, Tasmania’s highest mountain, at 1617 metres. Had I been inclined, which I was not, I would have been disappointed because the rain was starting and clouds closing in.

Day 4: Pelion Gap
Pelion Gap
Day 4: Mount Ossa
Mount Ossa and Mount Doris

I took some photo’s and set off downhill, across Pine Stone Valley, to Kia Ora Hut.

Day 4: Mount Doris
Mount Doris
Day 4: moorland puddle
Moorland puddle in Pine Stone Valley
Day 4: rickety boardwalk
Rickety boardwalk

At Kia Ora, it seemed I would have company. Four bushwalkers had sprawled their gear everywhere, it was obvious they had had an eventful night. Turns out they had climbed Mount Massif the day before, but on descent, the weather turned nasty, they missed a turn and eventually had to bivvy the night in very tight scrub, and sit it out.

Day 4: Kia Ora Hut
Kia Ora Hut

After an hour of my arrival, they had packed up and were off to the next hut, as they wanted to get to Pine Valley. Once again, I had the place to myself. So, settled in for the afternoon, did my water boiling chores, dinner, read and finished a book on my Kindle, then started another.

Day 4: views from Kia Ora Hut
Views from Kia Ora Hut
Day 4: views from Kia Ora Hut
Views from Kia Ora Hut

Tonight was a late one; I must have been asleep by 9 pm, once the wildlife had stopped running across the veranda.

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