Epilepsy: one

Imagine you are going about your daily life, and a totally random thought pops into your head. That thought is irrelevant, and yet you find yourself asking why on earth you had it. You never get an answer; instead you are querying the reason behind why you are questioning the thought in the first place. By now, the original thought is forgotten and you are too busy wondering why you have begun to question the reason behind the reason to question the reason for the irrelevant thought, whatever the bloody hell that was! Confused? you should be… and then… you hit the floor!

This was my experience moments before a Grand Mal seizure. I soon recognised that when I entered this thought process, there was only one inevitability. I knew what was coming, but there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.

I was diagnosed with Epilepsy way back in 1982, at the age of eighteen and lived with seizures until surgery, twelve years later.

Around one in every 100 people has got epilepsy. It can strike anyone, at anytime in their lives. Unlike me, most people will never know what caused their epilepsy.

Epilepsy Action can help. With your gift they can provide advice, improve healthcare, campaign for fairness and help to end stigma for people affected by epilepsy. Epilepsy Action receives almost no government funding, so they rely on donations from people like you for £9 of every £10 it costs to support people with epilepsy.

  • £6: can help experts support someone newly diagnosed with epilepsy, providing advice and information when they need it most.
  • £25: can help campaign to protect existing epilepsy specialist nurses from NHS cuts.
  • £50: could fund a six month supply of up-to-date information booklets and leaflets needed by an epilepsy specialist nurse for their patients.
  • £180: could fund an awareness session at a school, work place or care home by one of their specially trained volunteers.
  • £250: could help fund brand-new research, such as a long-term clinical study by a research centre of excellence.

Published by Moorland Walker

Paul is a backpacker, tor bagger, Bibbulmun Track End to Ender and West Ham supporter. He moved down from London to live in Okehampton in 2016, after realising he was spending most of his weekends on Dartmoor and it just made sense to make it permanent!

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