The Bibbulmun Track 2013 (YouTube) part 1

Being stuck in lockdown has afforded me some time to look at past photo albums and re-imagine how I can show them, in this case via my YouTube Channel. This is a look back at my Bibbulmun Track End to End in late 2013. A playlist that will eventually run to 7 parts, I beginContinue reading “The Bibbulmun Track 2013 (YouTube) part 1”

The Bibbulmun Track – Dwellingup to Collie

Here we go with the next leg of my Bibbulmun Adventure. a leg where I had to dig deep as the weather exacerbated the loneliness of walking alone. Tuesday, 8th October 2013: Day 12 Exchanged contact details with Sean; we’ll go for a beer in Fremantle, where he lives, when I get back to Perth,Continue reading “The Bibbulmun Track – Dwellingup to Collie”

The Bibbulmun Track – Mt. Cooke to Dwellingup

Continuing my Bibbulmun Adventure and in this third part I am accompanied by Dropbear, heading from Mount Cooke shelter to my first rest day in the town of Dwellingup. Thursday, 3rd October 2013: Day 7 Dropbear and I were up at 5 am and on the trail forty-five minutes later. We took advantage of theContinue reading “The Bibbulmun Track – Mt. Cooke to Dwellingup”

The Bibbulmun Track – Brookton to Mount Cooke

Continuing my journey and after 4 days I’ve settled into the task. Section Two takes me from Brookton shelter to Mount Cooke. Tuesday, 1st October 2013: Day 5 The usual departure at 7:15 am. A long day ahead today, of 27km. To help, I set myself targets, or tick lists, along the route. The formationContinue reading “The Bibbulmun Track – Brookton to Mount Cooke”

The Bibbulmun Track – Kalamunda to Brookton

Greetings from Western Australia! It has taken a while coming, but here is the first posting of my Bibbulmun Track attempt; Section One – Kalamunda to Brookton Shelter. Friday, 27th September 2013: Day 1 I was up and out early; no fanfare, no send off. Kevin, Sue and James were at work, and Cameron wasContinue reading “The Bibbulmun Track – Kalamunda to Brookton”

The Bibbulmun Track: WA Weather Woes

You can make the best preparations possible, fine tune everything to the minutest detail, but, at the end of the day, you are always at the mercy of the weather. Sitting off the south-west coast of Australia, in the mighty Southern Ocean, there have been a monotonous succession of low fronts that, for August andContinue reading “The Bibbulmun Track: WA Weather Woes”

The Bibbulmun Track: final UK preparations

I expected the last week of preparation to be a little more hectic, but I have managed to get virtually everything done with time to spare and I have been able to focus my attention on issues at work and home. There was one matter I couldn’t help but tinker with, though; my choice ofContinue reading “The Bibbulmun Track: final UK preparations”

The Bibbulmun Track: my kit

On the 27 September 2013, I started out on a journey of 1000 km, walking the Bibbulmun Track, in South-Western Australia, to raise money for Epilepsy Action. Below is a list of the gear I took; Pack System Item Make Weight (g) Rucksack Lowe Alpine TFX Kibo 65 Litre 1830     1830 Shelter System ItemContinue reading “The Bibbulmun Track: my kit”

The Bibbulmun Track: Food

Organising food for a trek in Australia, before you enter the country, can be problematic. Aussie Quarantine laws restrict certain food stuffs being bought into the country, so you cannot bring in your favourite meals, bought or personally de-hydrated, and you have to do all your shopping when you arrive. I learnt this, to myContinue reading “The Bibbulmun Track: Food”

The Bibbulmun Track: An outback office

Another week laid low with some pesky chest complaint left me with the opportunity to put together this little piece exploring how I’ll be blogging on the Bibbulmun Track and keeping everyone back home up to date on my progress. Google Nexus 7 For a while, it seemed as if I was searching for aContinue reading “The Bibbulmun Track: An outback office”