The South Zeal / Duchy of Cornwall Stones

The law condemns the man or woman Who steals a goose from off a common; But lets the greater villain loose Who steals the common from the goose. The Devon Evening Express, 27th December 1883 Since 2019 I had been trying to raise awareness of a historical boundary stone that once stood on the eastContinue reading “The South Zeal / Duchy of Cornwall Stones”

A wander out to Valley of Rocks and Shelstone Tor

Lockdown eased, I drove to Prewley Moor and wandered up the West Okement in the sunshine. I clambered down into Valley of Rocks, had a good look at the landslide near Slipper Stones and then dragged myself back up the hill to Shelstone Tor. Here are the photos of the day.

Dartmoor: East Hill Views – New Years Day 2021

Up late, time to clear the head and wander up to East Hill from home, adhering to COVID Tier 3 guidelines to stay local. This is always a fine walk with views south to the high moor and north over Okehampton and further to Exmoor, but made particularly special after a dusting of snow.

Branscombe’s Loaf Wild Camp (in pictures)

Back in October 2020, I met up with Jason and Jon for a Friday night out on Corn Ridge, I arrived about an hour earlier and set up then enjoyed the views and shifting light across the high moor. Branscombe’s Loaf is an ideal setting to do this. Unfortunately, my tent, the Big Agnes CopperContinue reading “Branscombe’s Loaf Wild Camp (in pictures)”