Dartmoor: Holne Chase (with kind permission)

Having had a friendly encounter with the owner of Was Tor a few weeks back I was in a positive mind that approaching landowners to ask for access permission might not result in a flat “No!” every time. When the majority of tors and rocks that remain on my list are buried deep within privateContinue reading “Dartmoor: Holne Chase (with kind permission)”

Dartmoor: In search of Chub Tor

Sunday morning, I left the overcast skies of Okehampton, heading to the western side of Dartmoor, where the countryside bathed in warm sunshine. Well, that’s how it felt from the car, but when I had parked up on the edge of Roborough Down, I stepped out into a biting wind which had me layering upContinue reading “Dartmoor: In search of Chub Tor”

Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks of Lustleigh

The morning of New Years Eve was a beauty, and marked contrast from the day before. After seeing the high River Tavy crashing through Tavistock, the waters tumbling over Meldon Dam, and the surface water on the roads between the two, we, Jim and I, were mindful that river crossings would be hazardous, and plannedContinue reading “Dartmoor: The Tors and Rocks of Lustleigh”

The Burrator Perambulation PT.2

This was proving to be a cracking day for a walk. Continuing on from part one, we were making good time on the Burrator Perambulation in aid of Dartmoor Search and Rescue Team (Plymouth). Having passed the cut off point of Cramber Tor an hour and ten minutes before the deadline, the pressure to catchContinue reading “The Burrator Perambulation PT.2”

The Burrator Perambulation PT.1

The morning promised a great deal. The fog that had shrouded Princetown overnight had retreated above North Hessary Tor, and only the television mast was obscured from view. All signs were for a good day. We rose early, and had plenty of time for a leisurely breakfast in the Fox Tor Cafe. It was prettyContinue reading “The Burrator Perambulation PT.1”

Dartmoor: a north to south traverse

Conditions looking favourable, I hurried down to Dartmoor on Saturday morning, to make the most of the weather. No less than five hours after leaving London, I was dropped off at Belstone, by my parents, and marching out onto the north moor with the sole purpose of doing a two day north to south traverse.Continue reading “Dartmoor: a north to south traverse”

Dartmoor: Steeperton Tor Wildcamp (in pictures)

I was sat in the Fox Tor Cafe in Princetown about 11:00 am, and outside it was 27 degrees Celsius with wall to wall sunshine. I had time to kill, I was in no hurry to venture out. The heat wave was no time to push myself too far, which meant if I set offContinue reading “Dartmoor: Steeperton Tor Wildcamp (in pictures)”

Dartmoor: Sheeps Tor and going solo

Back in March 2011, I set out to Sheeps Tor, on Dartmoor, with the intention of wild camping solo for the first time. When I arrived there I realised I had left my mobile in full view in my car, back in Princetown, and I also later discovered I had left my food on myContinue reading “Dartmoor: Sheeps Tor and going solo”