Dartmoor: Bellever Forest and a stepping stone too far.

The drive down the A386  from Okehampton to Tavistock was bathed in sunshine, and had me enthused about the prospects of the walk today. Where was this fog the Met office had predicted? Sure enough, as I turned left and climbed onto the moor, I hit the clouds! I passed numerous coaches and mini busesContinue reading “Dartmoor: Bellever Forest and a stepping stone too far.”

Dartmoor: Crock of Gold, Drizzle Combe Stone Row and Sheep’s Tor

Back down in the West Country for a second weekend running, and this time I managed to coax my friend Diane away from work for her first hike on Dartmoor. I had a few ideas in my head of routes to take, and, as is nearly always the case in such situations, the weather determinedContinue reading “Dartmoor: Crock of Gold, Drizzle Combe Stone Row and Sheep’s Tor”

Dartmoor: High Willhays via Homerton Hill Cist

Back to the north; a quick excursion from Meldon Reservoir to High Willhays, and back, bagging Black Tor, Fordsland Ledge and Yes Tor along the way. I could not believe my luck with the weather. The Reservoir was stunning on a perfect morning with a cloudless sky. A far cry from the downpour overnight. IContinue reading “Dartmoor: High Willhays via Homerton Hill Cist”

Dartmoor: Haytor Rocks Circular

A great circular near Widecombe, that can take in ten tors, although I only managed nine on this occasion. I’ve always thought of the east side of Dartmoor as being a little too popular for my tastes; some of the iconic tors, such as Hay and Hound are well trodden thanks to the car parksContinue reading “Dartmoor: Haytor Rocks Circular”

Dartmoor: Rowtor Wild Camp

I had spent a lazy day waiting for Marcus, Nick and Steve to arrive. As time ticked on, the plans changed from a walk out of Postbridge, to eventually meeting at Belstone. We got going about 3pm, the order of the weekend was to just wander the north moor, wild camping for 2 nights. IContinue reading “Dartmoor: Rowtor Wild Camp”

Dartmoor: Belstone to Okement Hill

Awoke early but in no mood to stir from my tent. As suspected yesterday, I had definitely made an error of judgement in thinking that summer had arrived and the one season sleeping bag would suffice, and it made for an uncomfortable night. Outside, the clag had descended on Princetown, but rather than bemoan theContinue reading “Dartmoor: Belstone to Okement Hill”

Dartmoor: Down Tor

Good to be back on the moor and pleasantly surprised to see the sun out once again! Getting up at 5am for the long drive down to the South-West had paid off, and I had an extra day’s walking. Fully kitted out for a night out should it take my fancy, I was off onContinue reading “Dartmoor: Down Tor”

Dartmoor: Princetown to Leather Tor circular

As much as I enjoy company on walks, sometimes you just have to get out and walk on your own. This weekend was a particularly good one. I hadn’t been on the moors since last September, and I was missing it. As soon as I headed off from Princetown, and the mist started to lift,Continue reading “Dartmoor: Princetown to Leather Tor circular”

Dartmoor Forest Perambulation Part Three: Runnage to Princetown

Foiled by the weather, a month ago, in our attempt to walk the Dartmoor Perambulation in three straight days, we returned, minus Simon and Cat, who had to work. We left Halwill Junction Base Camp early, making the hour journey to Runnage, driving into Dartmoor on a magical morning. With sunshine and mist, the coloursContinue reading “Dartmoor Forest Perambulation Part Three: Runnage to Princetown”