Dartmoor: a north to south traverse

Conditions looking favourable, I hurried down to Dartmoor on Saturday morning, to make the most of the weather. No less than five hours after leaving London, I was dropped off at Belstone, by my parents, and marching out onto the north moor with the sole purpose of doing a two day north to south traverse.Continue reading “Dartmoor: a north to south traverse”

The Whitehorse Hill Cist and death on the moor!

Now, the other day I came across a highly entertaining blog called “Two Blondes Walking” and one particular post mentioned a book called Dartmoor 365, by John Howard. Remembering I had a copy on my shelf, I took it down and started browsing. The area of Dartmoor is 365 square miles, and the author cleverlyContinue reading “The Whitehorse Hill Cist and death on the moor!”