The South Zeal / Duchy of Cornwall Stones

Since 2019 I had been trying to raise awareness of a historical boundary stone that once stood on the east slope of Cosdon Hill but for reasons unknown was discovered recumbent far from its original position, in a field in the village of South Zeal. This sorry state of affairs prompted me to approach SouthContinue reading “The South Zeal / Duchy of Cornwall Stones”

Dartmoor Forest Perambulation Part Two: Belstone to Runnage

The last thing you want to do after a full breakfast in the Tors Pub is tackle a climb, but it had to be done if we were going to be successful in completing the Dartmoor Perambulation. Leaving Belstone, we dropped down into the cleave, crossed the Taw, then began the ascent to Boundary MarkContinue reading “Dartmoor Forest Perambulation Part Two: Belstone to Runnage”