Introducing Tors of Dartmoor

Anyone who happens to read my ramblings will notice that the posts had dried up over the past four months. Fear not, I am still alive and very well! My attention to the blog has been remiss as I have been embroiled and a little overwhelmed by a special project that has now reached itsContinue reading “Introducing Tors of Dartmoor”

Dartmoor: Rediscovering Strane Tor

Let me say straight away, Strane Tor is not a classic! It’s undoubtedly going to disappoint you if you visit and you’ll likely curse Crossing for mentioning it in the first place. Such is its stature, there has been doubt on its actual location, with some of the most eminent Dartmoor experts failing to pinpointContinue reading “Dartmoor: Rediscovering Strane Tor”

Dartmoor: Buckland Woods (with kind permission) – part 2: East Webburn from Lizwell Meet

Continuing our exploration of Buckland Woods; a collection of numerous private woodlands, all managed by Fountain Forestry, and to enter them a permit can be obtained. The sections within part two are Pudsham Wood, Lizwell Wood and Town Wood. PUDSHAM WOOD Approaching from the south at Lizwell Meet, you enter Pudsham Wood, where, to theContinue reading “Dartmoor: Buckland Woods (with kind permission) – part 2: East Webburn from Lizwell Meet”