Dartmoor: High Willhays via Homerton Hill Cist

Back to the north; a quick excursion from Meldon Reservoir to High Willhays, and back, bagging Black Tor, Fordsland Ledge and Yes Tor along the way. I could not believe my luck with the weather. The Reservoir was stunning on a perfect morning with a cloudless sky. A far cry from the downpour overnight. IContinue reading “Dartmoor: High Willhays via Homerton Hill Cist”

Dartmoor: Rowtor Wild Camp

I had spent a lazy day waiting for Marcus, Nick and Steve to arrive. As time ticked on, the plans changed from a walk out of Postbridge, to eventually meeting at Belstone. We got going about 3pm, the order of the weekend was to just wander the north moor, wild camping for 2 nights. IContinue reading “Dartmoor: Rowtor Wild Camp”

Dartmoor Forest Perambulation Part One: Princetown to Belstone

We left the comfort of the Fox Tor Bunkhouse in Princetown at 8:30 am and headed off in the mist to North Hessary Tor. Six of us, with only myself with any comprehension of what was to come, having walked most of it before. For those not in the know about the Perambulation of Dartmoor,Continue reading “Dartmoor Forest Perambulation Part One: Princetown to Belstone”