Switzerland: Gornegrat to Zermatt

Ready to write the day off in town on Monday morning, I awoke to see the Matterhorn had made a brief appearance. The sight of this iconic mountain perked me up, and blue sky had me making my way down to Tasch to take a taxi up to Taschalp for my first planned walk. ForContinue reading “Switzerland: Gornegrat to Zermatt”

Switzerland: “We all came out to Montreux…”

It’s with a heavy heart that I left Zermatt today, especially on such a beautiful one. The horn was looking stunning in a cloudless sky. But I had to be making tracks for Lausanne, where I would be staying for one night, a short hop to the Montreux Jazz Festival. There is a great positiveContinue reading “Switzerland: “We all came out to Montreux…””

Switzerland: A Lazy Start …

I arrived in Zermatt on the Saturday; its an unashamedly touristy town, and who can blame it when it is nestled below the most recognisable mountain on the planet; The Matterhorn. Staying at the YHA, the rooms are afforded a magnificent view of the 4478m peak. Up at sparrows fart to get a 6.45 amContinue reading “Switzerland: A Lazy Start …”

Switzerland: Taschalp to Zermatt

We caught the train to Tasch, then a taxi up to Taschalp where our walk today began. The Tufteren ridge path to Zermatt is the perfect way to see the Matterhorn, especially on such a stunning day but unfortunately, this path has seen landslides and is currently no longer open. The path was narrow inContinue reading “Switzerland: Taschalp to Zermatt”

Switzerland: Trift Gorge, Zermatt

Arrived in Zermatt the previous day, and when having dinner in Nelly’s Restaurant, we asked about a remote hut we could see a couple of hundred metres up the mountain. The waitress told us of a path that went up to it, and further up the Trift Gorge to a mountain hut where climbers couldContinue reading “Switzerland: Trift Gorge, Zermatt”

Switzerland: The Eggerhorn

Today was supposed to be an early rise to catch a train and bus before ascending Sparrhorn at 3021m. I didn’t fancy the journey time, though and for the past few years had my eye on another mountain closer to our base in Fiesch; The Eggerhorn, at 2503m, sitting high above Fiesch. In hindsight, theContinue reading “Switzerland: The Eggerhorn”

Switzerland: Aletsch Glacier

A great day spent walking the rocky path above the edge of the glacier, starting from Bettmergrat cable car station (2647m). The way can be narrow and undulates to negotiate rockfall, but it steadily makes its descent to Marjelesee, where it is possible to access the glacier. Diane took the opportunity to all but crawlContinue reading “Switzerland: Aletsch Glacier”

Switzerland: Fiescheralp to Moosfluh

Diane and I arrived in Switzerland to some miserable weather, but our first day of walking proved to be a dry one. First things first, we took the cable car from Fiesch to the Eggishorn, via Fiescheralp, to view the Aletsch Glacier. We made our way up to the summit at 2927m, me a littleContinue reading “Switzerland: Fiescheralp to Moosfluh”