Switzerland: Taschalp to Zermatt

We caught the train to Tasch, then a taxi up to Taschalp where our walk today began. The Tufteren ridge path to Zermatt is the perfect way to see the Matterhorn, especially on such a stunning day but unfortunately, this path has seen landslides and is currently no longer open. The path was narrow inContinue reading “Switzerland: Taschalp to Zermatt”

Switzerland: Trift Gorge, Zermatt

Arrived in Zermatt the previous day, and when having dinner in Nelly’s Restaurant, we asked about a remote hut we could see a couple of hundred metres up the mountain. The waitress told us of a path that went up to it, and further up the Trift Gorge to a mountain hut where climbers couldContinue reading “Switzerland: Trift Gorge, Zermatt”